Our Story

Our vision is for WELL to be a learning organization where products and services are quickly brought to market by inventive, inspiring and innovative entrepreneurs.

We want to completely reinvent the way entrepreneurs learn business fundamentals and bring products to market. We’ll do this by providing an immersive experience where they apply best practices as they build a business using collective wisdom and resources to accelerate comprehension. This will result in a repeatable model for taking an idea, developing a concept and setting it up for success as it is brought to market.

Our Values

  • Fearless

    We know where we are going…how we get there is an adventure we are unafraid of. We believe in diving in and embracing the journey.

  • Scrappy

    We are determined to use what we have and max out the collective creativity to deliver results.

  • Inspired

    Ever curious, passionate and inquisitive the world is wondrous to us and we always choose optimism over pessimism.

  • Learners

    Every day is an opportunity to improve and optimize what we do. We learn from the best always striving to become our best.

  • Doers

    We get it done. All day. Every day. 24/7 365. Commitment to one another and our customers reign supreme.

  • Innovators

    We aim to lead and to be leaders developing products and services that become the gold standard.

Our Brands

Shhh we are in stealth mode with teams working to bring new brands to market and learn all about business as we do so. You can participate and help us with key decisions.

  • Brand A

    Technology brand that will change the way we Travel.

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  • Brand B

    A fashion brand that will change the way we party.

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  • Brand C

    A consumer packaged good that will cause an uproar in a sector that is over 100 years old.

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  • Brand D

    The Soul of Seattle tours, events, dining & Business directory

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  • Brand E

    Black Excellence events, magazine & blog.

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Our Team

Our team has tons of experience helping others make billions of dollars launching new products and taking products from concept to reality from the lab to the shelf. We are looking for 24 inspired, go getters to learn for FREE and get an opportunity to become an owner in a business you have helped build.

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Internship program open for Writers, Videographers, Graphic Designers and Social Media Managers (Seattle, NYC)

Do you want to learn how to launch and grow a media company in fast moving rapidly changing media industry? Put your writing, videography, graphic design and social media skills to work as part of an innovative collaborative multi-media squad that develops high-value content. Spend 1 year in the WELL program and gain solid experience across 3 companies and build a body of work in multiple high growth industries Travel, Education and Entertainment. We are looking for a cross-functional multimedia team that will work across 3 businesses Flokstr.com, Blexcellence.com and africatownseattle.com. Writers will research and develop snack-able social media ready content for distribution on blogs, social media sites like Snapchat, Instagram,Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin. Videographer will capture and story tell creating engaging native content for Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and twitter including live streaming and recorded video. Graphic Designer will develop engaging mobile, social and web content including Animated GIFs, Memes, infographics and social post content. Community Manager will grow social media accounts and manage engagement with followers including developing an editorial calendar and coordinating with media team to publish content and optimize improvement against KPI’s over time.


Build your portfolio with a breadth of content that is designed to grow new businesses in a collaborative team experience that will give you the foundation for both a startup and corporate work environment. Work with experienced program developers and Founders who have worked in the non-profit sector as well as corporations like Microsoft, eBay and startups in the Seattle tech ecosystem. This is initially an non-paying internship with an opportunity to become a paying job as the businesses grow. The opportunity is to be a driver of that growth in collaboration with the team.
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Qualifications: Successful candidates must be highly motivated self starters able to work well in a fast paced environment, have the ability to work independently, multi-task and creatively solve problems. Interns should be familiar with online media, have a professional attitude and a willingness to learn and succeed. Good communication skills are essential in this position. Ability to come up with creative marketing ideas a plus. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Office, and Excel and previous experience with multi-media (graphic design, video editing) software such as is also desired.
Start Date: July 1, 2016
Meeting times: Wednesdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: Black Dot, 1160 23rd Avenue, Seattle, WA or 26A Woodbine St. Suite 2 Brooklyn, NY Apply Now

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